Sex is much better in visuals. That’s why we are so excited to share with you our latest Dirty Emoji.

There are so many varieties of ways to use our Sexual Emojis. Share a planetary boob with the ring of Saturn around it to lighten the mood and introduce a little playfulness to your conversation with your lover.

Dirty Emojis is also a more comfortable way for you to be able to express your intentions without coming across as too “out there.” Sharing arousing visuals can also increase the mood between you and your lover.

Dirty Emojis are not just for lovers and casual sex hookups. You can also use this to bring a breath of fresh air into your marriage with your spouse. Routine sex with your spouse can sometimes bring boredom, and you can add a dash of spice in your sex life with sexual emojis.

Send our lingerie emoji with garter belts to your husband when he is away to show him what is waiting for him at home. Your husband will be at your doorstep before you even know it! Husbands can also share a raised dick emoji with your wife to show her you are ready to devour her when she gets home from an dirty emoji pornemoji ios android

The boob emoji with the erotic bra is our favorite. Men and women all across the spectrum share this emoji because it is so versatile and you can use it to mean so many different things. Women share it with their lover to show them a sneak preview of what they will get in their next date. Men also send it to their women to show them they miss and appreciate their endowments. This emoji is also shared in chats with friends to bring a dose of fun into the conversation.

How to get Dirty Emoji on iOS & Android?

You can get the Porn Emoji Keyboard app, you can click on the link below, and you will be redirected to the site where you can download it into your device. Alternately, you can also visit the Google Play Store on your Android device or App Store in your Apple device.  This is an application free of cost.

As a part of Porn Emoji Keyboard, this Dirty Emoji pack contains a variety of sexual and erotic icons which includes the likes of an aroused dick, boobs in erotic bra, pants with an aroused dick inside, sexy black lace lingerie in carters, planetary boobs with the Saturn ring, etc.

Use these dirty emoticons to add a dose of sexual flavour in your daily conversations with your lover. Take your explicit sexting to a whole new level with this fun and erotic emojis.