The booty emoji is used widely to represent a bitch with great looking ass and it also popularly means pirate’s treasure. The ass has become the most popular symbol to signify a woman who has come of age and looks sexy.

The ass is what differentiates the feminine sexiness from that of her male counterpart. Men love women’s booty and being able to get a booty emoji as a compliment is a great matter of flattery to any woman. Your woman may not necessarily have a booty as big as Beyonce’s but that doesn’t mean you can not send her one to say you find her hot. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, big or normal ass, almost every guy wants the booty!

There are over thousands of people in the world who creatively use their phones in order to be able to communicate sexually, which is also known by the popular term “sexting”. Sometimes it could get a little frustrating getting to use lame substitutes when you are really in the mood for some steamy conversation. With so many ass emoji free for anyone to download, you do not have to use the awkward peach emoji that doesn’t really hit the spot.

Using the right ass emoji texts that will not only help you get your message across but also make you ease out and raise the level of heat in the conversation. Men need it to send their special someone and let them know how much attracted they are. There is a whole lot of difference in sending a simple text in words as opposed to conveying the same message with provocative emoticons.

How to get Ass Emoji on iOS & Android?

If you love your women’s booty, you are in luck because from now on you can get free access to Sexual Emoji App in all of your instant messaging phone applications consisting of WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can get ass emoticons to bring a little heat and spice in your conversations. This collection comes with multiple icons that are sexual such as nipples, ass, dicks, condoms, vaginas, etc.

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Using an ass emoji for iPhone can give that extra flavour of sex to conversations you have with your partner or that hot person you were eyeing as long as you use it wisely. As a matter of fact, ass emoji for android has been widely used to attract partners in ways that are erotic in nature. Since it is available for both Android and iOS devices, you can use it on anyone without worrying about whether the other person is getting it or not.

Get the application for free on Google Play or App Store. You can also download by simply pressing the button below that says download. You will be redirected automatically. Make use of this emoji keyboard because we all need to send that booty emoticon every once in a while to add a pinch of spice in our lives. It is part of a free app and you do not need to spend a dime on it.